PhD in Psychology Neuroscience and Data Science

Carlo Berzuini

Reasearch Professor


Bio Carlo Berzuini holds a Research Chair in Biostatistics at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, since 2011. Former Professor of Biostatistics at the italian University of Pavia (1983-2008), he officially leaves the Italian Academia and moves to Cambridge in 2008. At that time, he counts on a decades-long experience of scientific collaboration with British researchers, eg. D.Clayton, D.Cox, A.P.Dawid, W.Gilks and D.Spiegelhalter.

2008-2011 Employed at Cambridge Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, he co-organizes (with Bernardinelli and Dawid) the (arguably) first major international conference on Causal Inference. He lead-edits a landmark book on Statistical Causality (Wiley).

Applied Publications

He counts about 190 peer-reviewed papers. He has a diverse record of interdisciplinary research publications on Nature, Nature Genetics, Nature Communications, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Circulation, Cognition, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis Journal, Gastroenterology, Diabetes, Cancer Research, British Journal of Cancer, European Journal of Neuroscience, Cytometry, Journal of Molecular Biology, and others.

Theoretical Publications

His best theoretical work has appeared on Biometrika, Statistics in Medicine, the Journal of the American Statistical Association (Theory and Methods), the Journals of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, B and C, Bioinformatics, Genetic Epidemiology, Biostatistics, IEEE Transactions in Biomedical Engineering and IEEE Transactions in Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, among others.

Research Management after arrival in UK

He has participated with PI capacity in European Research Projects. In 2007-2013 he was proponent and chair of the Royal Statistical Society Study Group in Bioinformatics, and Member of the Royal Statistical Society Council.

Teaching Besides decades of (mostly italian) undergraduate teaching, he has given courses in Statistics, Bayesian modelling and Causal Inference in top academic venues (Cambridge, Manchester, Pavia, Leiden, Aarhus, etc.), for master and post doctoral students, statistical and medical and computer science researchers, plus invited scientific meeting lectures.

Software development 

He authored publicly available R and Stan software.

Reviewing activity

His most recent (2019-) activity as a peer reviewer for statistical, biological and medical scientific journals is documented in Publons ( He has been a statistical reviewer for research funding bodies as MRC and NIHR. See for further information.

Open Projects


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