PhD in Psychology Neuroscience and Data Science
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Palladino Paola

Full Professor


Born in Alba (Cuneo, Italy) on 1st May 1968. 

Academic Degree in Psychology – University of Padova (1992), 110/110, summa cum laude.

PhD in Psychology University of Padova (2000) with a thesis titled  “Forgetting to facilitate remembering and understanding: Inhibition in working memory and text comprehension”, obtained the award of Italian association of psychology (AIP) for the best PhD thesis in 2000.

Present position 2019- Full Professor of Experimental Psychology – University of Pavia, Pavia (Italy)

2019- Vice-President of Psychology School , University of Pavia.

2019 Defense Board international member for a PhD thesis in Experimental Psychology at University of Helsinky, Faculty of Medicine discussed by Dr. Kaisa Kanerva,, supervisor Prof. Virpi Kalakosky., University of Helsinky

2018 Defense Board international member for a PhD thesis in Experimental Psychology at University of Jaen, Spain, discussed by Dr: PhD Dr. Rocio Linares; Supervisor Prof. Santiago Pelegrina;University of Jaen.

2015- Erasmus Coordinator for Psychology graduate and undergraduate students, University of Pavia.

2015- Delegate for Disabilities and Learning disorders for Psychology degree students at University of Pavia.

2009- Director of the second-level postgraduate course in Learning DIsabilities, University of Pavia. 

2015-16/ 2005-06 Visiting Professor in Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol, (UK) awarded by the “Benjamin Meaker Fellowship” of the Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Bristol, UK

2013- : member of the scientific board of EWOMs (European Working Memory Society) and invited organizer responsible of the  IX EWOMS Conference in Pavia, august 2018.

2011 invited speaker at the Seminar promoted by  Lancaster University Atypical Development Unit and British Psychological Society on “Memory and Education ” at the  University of Lancaster, UK, 11th June 2011,  (

2008 invited speaker at the ESRC  International    Seminar on “Reading comprehension and working memory” at the University of Lancaster, UK, 10-11th January 2008 (;

Field of interest & Research Activity

She is doing research in the field of working memory and updating processes, studying the specific role of binding in the updating of working memory. Recently she also developed research and collaborations to investigate the relationship between language/LTM and working memory in children and adults.  She is also doing research on Language minority bilinguals and their literacy development controlling for SES levels, a sensitive variable related to learning processes. Her Lab’s activities indeed have recently started a crowdfunding on the Pavia University crowdfunding platform (Be-student, UNIVERSITIAMO) in order to support research and Lab clinical activities for children and families with low SES. The development and relationship between prospective memory and metacognition has been also a significant research field of interest.

Open Projects


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