PhD in Psychology Neurology and Data Science
ProfessorLuisa Bernardinelli


The project concerns the study of heritability in Multiple Sclerosis through the analysis of genetic data (i.e., genotyping) and family data obtained in Sardinian families. The analysis will be conducted using different approaches and algorithms. In particular: a) through the kinship and sibs-household matrices calculated on the basis of the pedigree structure; b) through the genomic relationship (GSNP) and genomic-related (GREL) matrices calculated on the basis of genomic data; c); and finally the mixed-related matrix (KSNP) calculated on the basis of genomic data and pedigree structure. The project involves the use of genome browsers, and statistical software R. The candidate must have a good knowledge of statistics and English (written) and a preliminary knowledge (also at a basic level) of the software listed above.