PhD in Psychology Neuroscience and Data Science

Projects in Psychology XXXVI Cycle

Research Areas in Psychology

• Behavioral, neurophysiological and anatomical correlates of cognitive processes and emotions in normal subjects and patients with neurological and psychiatric diseases (G. Bottini, A. Toraldo, M. Gandola).

• How neurostimulation (TMS), cognitive and metacognitive trainings focused on working memory updating or theory of mind affect sensory, cognitive and socio-cognitive behavior in lifespan (T. Vecchi, P. Palladino, E. Cavallini).

• Promoting attachment, emotion regulation, socioemotional learning and theory of mind in typical and atypical subjects across life span (L. Barone, S. Lecce, A. Zanetti).

• Occupational well-being and psycho-social risk factors (P. Argentero, I. Setti).

Active Projects