PhD in Psychology Neuroscience and Data Science

Projects in Data Science in Biomedicine XXXVI Cycle

Research Areas

  1. Investigation of causal mechanism in neurodegenerative disorders via the integration of genetics, epigenomics, gene expression and neuroimaging data (L. Bernardinelli, M. Grassi).
  2. Genetic and epigenetic epidemiology and Bioinformatics (L. Bernardinelli, D. Gentilini).
  3. Up to date efficient planning and statistical analysis of clinical studies (M. Comelli)
  4. Epidemiological studies in public health using electronic archives: study design and analysis (C. Montomoli, S Villani, SM Candura).
  5. Diagnosis, treatment and outcome evaluation of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in adulthood (P. Politi, P. Fusar Poli). Evaluation of dietary habits, nutritional status, body composition and psychopathological characteristics in physiological and pathological conditions and effect of dietary interventions (A. Tagliabue, M. Rondanelli). 

Active Projects

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